University of Wisconsin–Madison


student facilitators

Peer Facilitators

Build Community. Create Change. Lead the Badger Way. 

Our Wisconsin provides leadership development through the Badger Way peer facilitator employment program. The “Badger Way” identity emerged from the first class of student peer facilitators who voiced desire to care for all Badgers.

As a Badger Way facilitator, students will learn to:

  • Reflect on their own and others’ heritages, perspectives, and experiences.
  • Further their own and others’ understanding about other identities and cultures.
  • Think about the possible impact their and others’ actions might have on others.
  • Listen and believe when individuals and groups share their experiences.
  • Intervene and speak up for individuals and groups in their community.

Badger Way peer facilitators are assigned to co-facilitation teams including a staff or faculty facilitator.

Currently, all staff facilitator positions have been filled for 2018-19.


Group of facilitators

Faculty/Staff Facilitators

Staff and faculty facilitators are integral to co-facilitating Our Wisconsin workshops alongside Badger Way student peer facilitators. Staff and faculty facilitators will also serve as the administrative point person for survey assessment at each workshop.

Currently, all staff facilitator positions have been filled for 2018-19. 


  • Must be a staff or faculty member employed at UW-Madison.
  • Must communicate effectively with a diverse team.
  • Must have baseline knowledge about diversity, social justice, and/or inclusion.
  • Must be capable of managing basic workshop administrative responsibilities.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience facilitating discussion and activities around identity.
  • Commitment to positively impacting campus climate at UW-Madison.